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Best Gutter Guard for Gum Leaves

What are the Best Gutter Guards for Gum Leaves?

Gum trees are an Aussie icon. What’s more ‘true blue’ than having a home among the gum trees? Gumtrees are natives, which is fantastic for the ecosystem! They provide shade, privacy and a sense of serenity that being surrounded by the Aussie bushland can only offer. They can really make a house feel like a home.

With that in mind, a massive downside to having gum trees surrounding your home is the amount of leaf litter produced. Excess leaf litter will block and damage your gutters particularly if it’s left unattended to. Gum trees are one of the biggest contributors to blocked gutters and can be a headache for many homeowners. Having to clean your gutters every few months due to blockages is not ideal! Luckily, Gutter Guards serve the purpose of reducing leaf litter from clogging up guttering.

With the right type of Gutter Guard installed, you can rest assured your home will only see the benefits of the gum trees surrounding it; not the annoying blocked gutters.

What are the main issues caused by gum trees near homes?

Gum trees are the tallest tree species in Australia. They tower over homes, and may fall during storms and heavy winds, causing massive damage to buildings, houses, vehicles and other things in their fall radius.

Aside from that, they also drop a huge number of leaves which end up, you guessed it, in the gutter. For the homeowner, this means dealing with constantly blocked gutters if gum trees are around the home.

Beautiful Kookaburras in a Gumtree
Beautiful Kookaburras in a Gumtree

What problems do gum leaves cause when they block gutters?

A blocked gutter can cause drainage problems, meaning water cannot properly drain out of the gutter. This is an issue that can end up leading to extensive damage, not only to the gutter system, but to the home itself.

Broken and burst gutters, foundational damage, wood rot, lichen and mildew can all be caused by blocked gutters and will usually lead to an expensive repair bill.

Leaves blocking the gutter can also become a fire hazard. A fire is much more likely to start and spread with excess leaves in your gutter. Even the smallest ember can initiate a house fire from a pile of dry leaves. Embers can travel huge distances on the wind, so this is cause for concern, even if your home is located outside of fire danger zones.

Gumtree Twigs
Smallish Gumtree branches just waiting to fall down and add to the next dump of twigs and leaves clogging your gutters.

How can you protect your gutters from gum leaves?

High quality, heavy duty Gutter Guards are the best and easiest way to protect your gutters from gum leaf blockages.

We suggest using our specialised Ember Mesh Gutter Guards which are made from strong fireproof (non-combustible) aluminium gutter mesh that has holes just 2mm x 2mm wide. This means that not only does the mesh easily hold the weight of the sheer volume of gum leaves that fall, but it will also block gumnuts from entering the gutter system. For wider box gutters and channels, we also install special support beams underneath the mesh to hold the extra weight of gum leaves.

Polymesh Option

You can also opt for a strong, heavy duty plastic guard, if the Ember Mesh isn’t best suited to your home. As long as it’s a heavy duty Gutter Guard, you’ll stand a much better chance of keeping your gutter clear and your home safe.

Gutter Guards are a fantastic option, even if you don’t have gum trees near your home. Not only do they protect from leaf litter, but they also stop other debris and pests from entering the gutter and home.

Where can I find heavy duty Gutter Guard for gum leaf protection in Australia?

If gum trees are causing you grief, installing Gutter Guard around your home may be the best solution. It is a simple remedy to what can become a huge headache down the track.

For quality heavy duty Gutter Guards, get in touch with our Leafshield team of gutter protection experts today by calling 1300 LEAFSHIELD (1300 532 374).