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Leafshield gutter guard systems do more than just shield out leaves, they help to keep your home in tip-top shape, meaning your family will be safer while being protected from a range of other problems all year round. No longer will you need worry about falling debris clogging up your roof drains. Pest animals are blocked out and stopped from gaining easy access to your roof cavity.

Also very importantly, Leafshield gutter protection stops the build up of mould in your roof space, that means all round better air quality inside the home. Homes in Victoria that don't have a Leafshield on their gutters can develop long term structural problems, from flooding at the foundation level.

Leafshield™ offers a full range of gutter protection products

Quality Products

Our Leafshield meshes are all quality products with our performance warranties. A professional leaf gutter guard from Leafshield, will provide a simple, effective solution to the endless problems of leaves, sticks, pine needles, gum nuts and bark debris filling your gutters. 

Our gutter guards have an expected life span of up to 25 years! We have observed all types of meshes in our decades of roofing experience across Melbourne, Geelong and wider Victoria. With the knowledge we have gained, we carefully select our materials from a range of quality suppliers in Australia and overseas.

Do yourself a big favour, contact us today to speak with a Leaf Shield Gutter Protection system expert. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.