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Ask us about our Pensioner Discounts right across the Leaf Shield range. Gutter protection has never been more affordable !

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Why Leaf Shield ?

Leaf Shield will protect your home from gutter debris build up, which can lead to many other problems and damage to your household.

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Gutter Protection

No need to spend money on expensive gutter repairs, with Leaf Shield, you are investing in on-going peace of mind for your home.

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Welcome To Leaf Shield

Time to think gutter protection


Pest Proof

Protect your home from unwanted intruders by fitting Leafshield gutter guards. If you have problems with possums, birds or rats, then this is a must have product for you.


Fire Proof

If you live in a high-risk bushfire area, then we have specially designed fire retarded, self-extinguishing mesh available for your gutters. Learn more about our amazing ember guard product now.


Hassle Free

Leafshield works hard every day to keep everything but rain out of your gutters. Whilst it strives to eradicate leaves and debris that clog your cutters, it also extends the life of your gutters.

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