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A quality, custom fit Leafshield™ gutter guard for your gutters is what we are passionate about.

Gutter guards and gutter protection meshes will create an effective barrier on your roof edge meaning the leaves and tree debris will slide right off.

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Leaves and other tree debris that fall into your gutters can clog them up fast, which will cause water to overflow. When unprotetced gutters backflow, the water will find its way into your house. Neglecting your gutters may end up costing you thousands of dollars in damage repair. Avoid the costly consequence by installing a Leafshield™ gutter guard. The gutter guard mesh we install will be carefully tailored to mould perfectly with your roof shape. This ensures the optimal slope so that leaves slide right off, creating the perfect protection for your gutters!

If you’re looking for a high-grade gutter guard for your Victorian business or house residence, you have found the pros! We offer supply and installation of steel, polymesh or aluminium gutter guards. All our products are sourced from Grayson’s®, who offer the highest quality gutter guard. Installing gutter mesh can protect your gutters, and prevent access by vermin like birds, rats and possums that may otherwise create nests in your ceiling space!

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Keep the leaves and birds out with Leafshield
Leafshield installed on a home

Benefits of Leaf Shield™ Gutter Guard

Pest Proof​

Protect your home from unwanted pest intruders by fitting Leafshield gutter guards. If you have problems with possums, birds or rats, then this is a must have product for you. There are different gutter mesh options for different pest entry situations. Lighter grade plastics can effectively stop pest birds, but if large rodents are the issue, we have heavier grade steel gutter guard meshes.

Fire Proof

If you live in a high-risk bushfire area, then we have specially designed 2mm aperture Ember Guard Leafshield mesh available for your gutters. The Ember Meshes that we use are compliant with BAL ratings. This fire proof gutter guard will stop bushfire embers from entering your gutter. Learn more about our amazing ember guard mesh here.

Less Maintenance

Our Leafshield gutter protection works hard every day (even while you’ve got your feet up) to keep everything but rain water out of your gutters. We install our Leafshield gutter protection with the aim of striving to eradicate leaves and debris that clog your cutters. Having clear gutters also extends the life of your gutters, fascias, eaves and even your foundations.

Leaf gutter shield
Protect your gutters with Leafshield™

Gutter Guard Solutions

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