Why Choose Leafshield?

Why Leafshield?

There are countless reasons to have gutter guard in your gutters. Because your house gutters are located up really high and out of sight, the idea of cleaning them regularly is not something that a normal person has in their immediate thoughts.

Most property owners call us when its actually too late and their gutters are already flooding over. By having a quality Leafshield system protecting your gutters, you wont actually have to worry about being flooded when it's too late.

Protect your gutters with Leafshield™

Leafshield Gutter Guard Benefits

The primary purpose of gutters, is to guide rainwater and moisture away from your house foundations. 

Your downpipes are designed to be able to cope with a certain amount of leaf entry and forced water. Your downpipes don’t have a mind of their own, so they will usually block up when too much waste ends up in the gutters. This can cause serious damage. Water seeps into the foundations of your home and causes wood rot and termite infestations. Even worse, sinking of your brick walls can also occur.

Leafshield gutter guards prevent leaves, pests and tree debris building up in your gutters. Clear gutters ensure healthier functionality of your household.

Our Leafshield gutter protection systems can be custom fit on to virtually any type of roof. Have a chat with us today!