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Why Leaf Shield ?

Gutter Protection and Cleaning Specialists

Leaf ShieldWhy Leaf Shield ?

Why Leaf Shield ?

It is the common situation that as the gutters of your Adelaide home are located out of sight, then ultimately the idea of cleaning them regularly becomes out of mind also. The time when we are forced to act is usually as a reactive measure to some other problem which has arisen due to blockages such as – water overflowing, internal water damage, stagnant water etc.

With the purpose of gutters to guide rainwater and moisture away from the side of your house, when waste builds up in gutters, damage can be caused. Water can seep into the foundations of your home and cause wood rot, and even creating black mould in your walls.

Leafshield gutter guards prevent leaves and debris building up in your gutters, ensuring they are healthy and functioning perfectly at all times.

The Leafshield gutter protection system will fit on virtually any type of roof and, and is a simple and effective measure to prevent leaves and other natural debris from blocking your gutters, down pipes and underground drains. Regardless of the type of roof our qualified Leafshield gutter guard fitters can customise the fitting to suit any situation.


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