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Ember Guard

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Leaf ShieldEmber Guard

Ember Guard

We here at Leaf Shield are proud to offer Ember Guard in our product range. Now is the time to stop fire’s in their tracks.

If your Adelaide home is located in bush fire prone areas, then the Ember Guard gutter protection’s unique design, is exactly what you need to have installed at your property. The Ember Guard gutter protection unique design can also be used under ridge capping, providing one 3D edge to fit perfectly onto corrugated roofing and tightly under the ridge capping on the other edge, giving lasting fire protection, plus allowing the correct ventilation into the roof cavity.

Ember Guard is available in 22 Colobond colours and profiles to match most combinations of roofing materials for an aesthetically pleasing installation. We are able to supply specific design and installation for ridges, corners and valleys, as Ember Guard has the adaptability to cover it all without a compromising performance.

Ember Guard been manufactured to meet the demand for a quality product that looks good and is simple to install, to meet the extremes of BAL-40 Ratings. As summer is rapidly approaching, now is the time to further protect your family and home during bush fire season. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly gutter protection experts who can arrange a free no obligation measure and quote for you.


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