Ember Guard

Bushfire Rated Gutter Protection

Much of Victoria is susceptible to the scary risk of wide spread bushfire. For those located in fire prone areas around Melbourne & Geelong, it is critically important that you take every preventative measure that you can.

Smouldering embers floating through the air and landing on extremely dry materials, such as dry gutter debris, is one major cause of house fire. On a hot summers day, the contents of your gutters can become absolutely bone dry, a single spark can multiply into a raging inferno very swiftly.

The build up of leaves and debris in the gutters of your home is the perfect fuel cocktail that these embers need to continue.

Bushfire Rated Gutter Protection
Ember Gutter Guard

Fireproofing your Home

By installing Leafshield gutter guards on your roof, you can eradicate the build-up of leaves and debris in your gutters, therefore reducing the presence of the fuel that can start a fire. We use Grayson’s® ember guard mesh, which has 2mm apertures and is made from fireproof (non-combustible) and corrosion-resistant aluminium.

If you live in a high-risk bushfire area of Victoria, we also recommend talking to your local CFA regarding the current advice and technology that is in place.

By using Leafshield Ember Guard, you will improve the safety of your household, your family, and property when you need it most.

Keep the leaves and birds out with Leafshield

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