Indian Myna in a gutter

Bird Mesh for Gutters

What Type of Bird Mesh is Used for Gutters?

When you first buy a house you never realise that one day there might be birds living inside the roof. Look, we get it. When you’re a homeowner, the gutters and the roof are often the last thing on your mind. There are other parts of the home that you’re mindful to keep protected and maintained. Out of sight, out of mind, right? They tend to be overlooked in the maintenance department, but gutters and roofing become damaged easily and this can create a very expensive problem in future. Roofing problems need to be addressed quickly.

There’s quite a few things that can damage gutters and roofs; pests are definitely high on the ‘cause for concern’ list.

If left to run amok, birds, possums, snakes, mice, rats and other pests can cause major problems to both the interior and exterior of gutters and roofs. These problems often lead to super expensive repair and removal bills.

Fortunately, high quality vermin mesh can be used to protect your gutters from those unwanted visitors, leaving them completely pest proof.

Pigeon on tiled roof
A pigeon on a tiled roof. Pigeons will take up residence whereever they can find some protection: under overhanging eaves, in roof corners and valleys, under solar panels, etc.

Which birds are most likely to nest in gutters and roofs?

Bird species such as the Indian Myna, Starling, and Pigeon are considered introduced pests in Australia. These species are the common suspects when nests appear in gutters and roofs.

It might be the natural thing to look at these nests and think ‘what harm could they do?’ But leaving them is only going to harm your home in the long run.

What is the danger of having birds, pests and vermin in gutters and roofs?

Birds, pests and vermin cause damage to the gutter system itself, with their nests and droppings causing blockages and mould to form.

They may also be able to gain access to your roof. If there are loose and unsecured tiles or existing holes that are near the gutter system, pests will infiltrate the home and wreak even more havoc.

Pest birds carry bacteria and parasites which can migrate from their feathers and droppings into the home. It is extremely important to ensure you have adequate protection from them. Feathers, fur, parasites and bacteria can cause asthmatic people to have asthma attacks and flare up allergies in people sensitive to these animals.

Gutter blockages caused by nests can also be costly as they can cause gutters to burst, leading to structural and foundational damage to the home itself.

How to make a home vermin proof

One of the best ways to ensure vermin and pests are kept away from the home is to install a gutter guard (a.k.a. vermin mesh) that is strong and durable. Vermin mesh protects your gutters by creating a barrier to these pests. The mesh is secured thoroughly to your gutter and roofing, making it impossible for the pests to squeeze their way through.

Can pest birds get through the mesh?

Quality bird mesh is extremely strong, preventing birds from creating new holes. Not that pest birds really know how to do that anyway. Most birds and vermin don’t have the brain power or the strength to build new holes in buildings, they simply look for existing ones and gain entry that way.

Solar Panel Mesh

A common growing issue is the massive increase in Pigeons occupying new solar panel systems. Solar panels must be installed about 150mm above the height of your roof. Pigeons will shelter under the panels at night and breed there. We install bird mesh around the solar panels to completely stop this from happening.

Bird mesh installed under solar panels
Bird mesh installed around solar panels

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If your home is in desperate need of bird or vermin proofing, please contact us today and we’ll provide an affordable quote. We can also clean up any mess left by pests around your gutter and roof where the bird mesh is being installed.

Other Leafshield™️ Bird Proofing services that we offer are:-

  • Cleaning and Bird Proofing of solar panels
  • Installing bird spikes on ledges to stop birds roosting
  • Bird Proofing of buildings and inspections to locate bird entry points
  • Advise on how to best tackle your bird proofing issues
  • Cleaning of difficult to reach areas of buildings that have been affected by bird fouling
  • Removal of bird waste

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Leafshield birdspikes fitted on an antenna
Leafshield™ birdspikes fitted on an antenna, this stops birds roosting