Gutter blocked by ivy creeper

Worst Leaves for Blocking Up Gutters

It’s true that some leaves are worse than others when it comes to blocking up gutters. Find out if the trees near your home are shedding leaves that cause serious issues for gutter and roof systems.

Here are the top 4 types of leaves that absolutely suck when it comes to gutter blockages, compiled by expert gutter guard installers, so you know we’re speaking from experience…

#4 Ivy and other vines/creepers

The photo below shows a gutter professional removing an out-of-control ivy bush. Vines love to climb! They make their way up downpipes and into gutters, eventually reaching the main structure of the abode if left unchecked for too long. Not only do the vines themselves make removal hard by gripping tight to the surface of the gutter system and roof, when the leaves fall off, they’ve got nowhere to go except into the gutter or the downpipe.

Gutter blocked by ivy creeper
A gutter professional up on a roof removing an out of control creeper plant

#3 Pine needles

Pine trees shed their needle-like leaves all year long, so gutters in proximity get little to no respite from them, making it easy for blockages to occur, even though pine needles are quite small. Often, we find gutters filled to the brim with pine needles — even from relatively small conifers like Italian Cypresses — so it’s very important to install proper gutter guard if your home is in proximity to these majestic trees.

Pine tree gutter cleaning
Clearing gutters that are blocked by that nearby pine tree

#2 Oak leaves/acorns

The size of oak leaves makes them an issue for most gutters, but with oak trees, the real problem is the acorns. Unlike leaves, acorns take a long time to decompose. They’re also hard and heavy, meaning the wind won’t blow them back out of the gutter once they’re in there. They tend to form solid barriers where they sit. If they fall into downpipes, they get stuck, especially if there are multiple acorns in the pipe (which there usually are). Cleaning them out is a difficult and timely process. Put simply, acorns in your drain pipes can cause major blockages.
acorns block gutters

#1 Gum leaves

As much as gums are loved by Australians (and koalas) for being an iconic Aussie tree, these Eucalyptus leaves are the absolute worst for blocking gutters. Gum trees shed bucketloads of leaves constantly, as well as bark, twigs, gumnuts and other annoying bits and pieces that clump together and block gutters and downpipes in no time at all.

Giant gum tree
Giant Gum Trees are always the worst gutter blockers in Australia

How to prevent leaves blocking gutters

The best way to prevent leaves blocking gutters is by having a high-quality gutter guard installed. Gutter guards come in all different shapes and sizes, making them compatible with almost any gutter and providing a range of solutions for homes with problematic trees in the vicinity.

To find the best gutter guard to reduce leaf blockages in your gutters, simply reach out to our Leafshield team and we’ll arrange a time to pop by and inspect your gutters and trees to provide you with the best options to choose from. We’ve got a huge range of gutter guards at our disposal.

If you’re not interested in installing gutter guards on your property, the next best option is to call in our professional gutter technicians and arrange a regular gutter cleaning schedule.

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