Gutter Guard for Pest Proofing of Possums & Rats - possum inside roof

Gutter Guard for Pest Proofing of Possums & Rats

Gutter Guard for Pest Proofing of Possums & Rats

We’ve shared our thoughts on keeping birds out of gutters, but they’re not the only critters out there. Having a family of possums or rats in your gutters can quickly turn from a minor annoyance into a major headache. But how do you remove them and stop them from coming back? Let’s find out…

Why do possums and rats go in gutters?

One word: shelter. Gutters are an easy entrance into your roofing which is essentially a five-star hotel offering shelter from the elements, protection from predators, and easy access to food sources like leaves and insects in surrounding trees, moss and lichen in gutters, or crumbs inside your home. On top of this, the cool, dark environments of roofs and gutters are perfect for nesting and breeding. With trees, power lines, and other plants providing convenient highways to your roof, it’s no wonder they move in.

roof damaged by pests
An example of a hole caused by animal activity inside a roof space. You can see the bird nesting material hanging out.

How do possums and rats enter gutters and roofing?

Possums and rats are master acrobats. This means they are very well-equipped to traverse trees, fences, downpipes, gutters, powerlines, and other obstacles that are often found near roofing. Rats and possums can even climb up rough exterior walls to reach your gutters.

Once they’re on your roof, gutters and gaps under the eaves become the perfect entry points into your home. Rats will squeeze through small gaps and chew through materials. Possums will often brute force their way in (they’re very strong for their size). Before you know it, they’re setting up camp in and around your roof, causing havoc and damaging your home.

What type of possum or rat is on my roof?

Common culprits in Melbourne and surrounding areas when it comes to rats and possums in roofing are:

  • Brushtail Possums
  • Ringtail Possums
  • Roof Rats (aka Black Rats)

Common brushtail possum

These guys can grow to very large sizes (around the size of a domestic cat). They have big bushy tails and a knack for making noise at night. If you hear loud thumping and scratching, it’s probably a brushtail possum moving around. They’re nocturnal and love munching on fruits, leaves, insects, and food scraps. Roof spaces make perfect hideaways for their nighttime activities. If you notice areas on your roof where the tiles or sheeting has been lifted (believe us, you’ll know because the noise will keep you awake at night) the likely culprit is one of these bushy-tailed critters.

Common ringtail possum

On the other hand, the ringtail possum is generally a bit smaller and quieter. They have a white-tipped tail and prefer building nests in trees or cosy roof cavities. Their diet consists mainly of leaves, flowers, and fruits, but they will definitely enjoy your food scraps if left out and about for them to access. If you hear softer rustling noises, it could be a ringtail possum making itself at home in your roof.

Gutter Guard for Pest Proofing of Possums & Rats - rat
Black Rats are the more common rats found in roofs.

Roof Rat (Black Rat)

These sneaky rodents are smaller than possums and have slim bodies with long tails, perfect for squeezing into gutters and roofing. They’re notorious for chewing on wood and electrical wires, posing serious fire hazards and damaging the structural integrity of homes. They’re also quieter than possums, but you’ll definitely notice their presence if you come across gnawed materials and rat droppings.

If you’re trying to identify which of these pests might be making their home in your roof, a good plan of attack is to listen to the sounds they make and look for signs of damage and mess. If you suspect an infestation, it’s a good idea to contact a pest control professional to safely and humanely deal with the problem, then invest in proper rat and possum pest-proofing for your home.

How do I pest-proof my gutters from rats and possums?


Trim overhanging branches

One of the easiest ways to help prevent possums and rats from accessing your roof is by trimming any tree branches that hang over or near your home. This removes their primary route to your gutters and makes moving into your roof a less appealing option.

LEAFSHIELD gutter guard for pest proofing of birds possums and rats
LEAFSHIELD® gutter guard for pest proofing of birds, possums and rats. Section of gutter mesh has been custom fit to join a metal roof. This is the type of area where pests will otherwise gain entry through your gutters.

Install gutter guards

High-quality gutter guards (not just run-of-the-mill plastic or foam ones from hardware stores) act as a physical barrier, preventing possums and rats from entering your gutters. These specialised gutter guards cover the gutter opening, making it difficult for animals to gain a foothold and they’re tough enough to keep out even the strongest of possums. To pest-proof your gutters, we highly recommend Ember Guard Gutter Mesh, which has 2mm apertures (no critter is fitting through there) and is made from incredibly strong, fire resistant, and corrosion-resistant aluminum. With this option, not only do you get the benefits of pest-proofing, but you’re helping to protect your home from potential fires and gutter blockages as well.

Pair gutter guards with other deterrents

Motion-activated lights and ultrasonic repellents can deter possums and rats from venturing onto your roof. These deterrents make the environment less appealing to pests, encouraging them to move on. They aren’t always super reliable though, and some critters will simply ignore them, so it’s always best to pair them with a more robust barrier like steel gutter guards.

Do gutter guards keep possums and rats away from gutters?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, high-quality gutter guards are a proven solution for keeping pests out of your gutters. By covering the gutter opening, these guards prevent possums and rats (as well as leaves and other debris) from landing themselves in your gutters and gaining access to the internal areas of your roof. They’re made from durable materials that resist chewing, tampering, and brute force, ensuring long-lasting protection.

At Leafshield, we offer top-of-the-line gutter guards for pest-proofing and our expert gutter technicians have been trained to ensure that every guard is securely fitted, leaving no gaps for sneaky critters to exploit.

So, if you’ve been having trouble with possums and rats in your gutters, give us a call today and let us help keep your gutters – and home – pest-free!

Gutter Guard for Pest Proofing of Possums & Rats - possum on roof
Don’t let your home be invaded by Possums that will wreck your roof space. Call LEAFSHIELD® today to speak with our trained professionals.