Do Gutter Guards Really Work?

Do Gutter Guards Really Work?

Gutter Guards — Do They Really Work?

Long story short, yes. Yes, they do. Gutter guards or our premium branded Leafshield gutter covers are highly effective when it comes to keeping water flowing and protecting gutters and downpipes against fallen debris. It is important, however, that the right gutter guards are installed correctly to ensure they serve their purpose to the best of their ability.

There’s so many choices to select from in gutter guards. If you take a look at the types of gutter guards that have been around the longest, you’ll have a wider variety of data to compare! Some gutter guards are newer inventions, whereas older models have been tried and tested. A good quality guard that’s easy to service will be very simple to sweep clear or hose flush.

What happens without a working gutter guard?

Without a working gutter guard in place your gutters can very rapidly block up during one single storm. Hail storms are usually the worst, the falling hailstones cause trees to drop their leaves prematurely. We have clients who were previously forced to clamber up their ladders every weekend due to never ending blockages caused by the trees on their property; and, also, the leaf fall from neighbour’s trees. There is an endless array of nasty objects that will find themselves in unprotected gutters. A good working gutter guard means that 99% of this annoying rubbish just falls off the roof into your garden.

Do gutter guards keep gutters completely clean?

As much as we wish gutter guards could provide a 100% fix to clogged gutters, they won’t completely keep out every single piece of debris. Though, when they are installed correctly with the right type of gutter guard for the home, they effectively filter out a huge portion of debris that would otherwise end up falling directly into the gutter. Larger leaves will be kept out which means the risk of a clog and water overflow into the home lessens considerably.

It really depends on the type of gutter guard you install as to the result. Installing the right gutter guard for your home is key!

A home that’s situated in the middle of the bush will need different gutter protection than one in a coastal town. It’s all about matching the surrounding environment.

How do the different types of gutter guards work?

Bottlebrush or Hedgehogs

These are designed as a simple gutter protection solution and to filter over downpipes. They are not strong enough to handle heavy leaf fall though. They may clog and lose their shape if subjected to lots of leaves. This type of brushy tube is only good for stopping things like tennis balls and pine cones from jamming up your downpipe entrance. While we’re up on roofs we frequently find these bottlebrush guards in quite ordinary shape, which is especially the case when it’s a roof that’s had zero maintenance or cleaning for some time. The bottlebrush can usually be cleaned and reused with a bit of care, we have a proven system for cleaning them.

Metal Plumbers Style (Clipped In) Metal Grill type Guards

The guards are generally pretty sturdy and will provide a high level of protection. It’s important to ensure the holes in these guards are appropriately sized to avoid them having the opposite effect of restricting water flow.

Rolled In Systems (Inserted curved systems)

This is the classic form of gutter protection, and they’re very easy to work with. Easy installation is the main advantage. Rolled in systems have come a long way since their invention. They’re now a sturdier option and are made of UV resistant materials. They’re easy to customise and install, making them the gutter guard of choice for quite a few homeowners.

Ski Slope Fitted (Screwed down types)

Our favorite, the ski slope fitted gutter guards provide the ultimate level of protection for most homes. They work by causing everything to slide off the roof. When fitted correctly they provide a slope for leaves and other debris to fall down, allowing for super easy clean up. This is without doubt, the most effective gutter guard, and yes this is a gutter guard that really works!

The ski-slope method of gutter guard installation

What are the benefits of gutter guards?

Gutter guards provide peace of mind that your gutters will stay clearer and cleaner for longer. They can help reduce the risk of:

  • Overflowing gutters
  • Premature rusting and corrosion
  • Pipe blockages and burst drains
  • Water damage to your foundations
  • Pest intrusions from birds
  • And more…

They’re also the perfect way to reduce the frequency at which you clean your gutters. Put the ladder away and let gutter guards do the hard work for you!

We’ve spent years perfecting our knowledge and experience within the gutter protection industry. If you’d like gutter guards installed to protect your home and to ease the amount of gutter cleaning you do throughout the year, give us a call.

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