Rather than spending money on expensive gutter repairs in Adelaide, invest in Leafshield. Leafshield will protect your gutters from damage and reduce maintenance.

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Valley Protection

When you look up at your roof, you will notice ‘V’ shaped metal channels that course up and down the folds of the roof. These are the valleys and prone to getting blocked with leaves and debris if not maintained. They can also leak, which can have disastrous consequences for your home. It is crucial to ensure the valleys on your roof are maintained, as failure to do some can result in a large amount of water pouring into your roof cavity. Leafshield provide the gutter protection you are looking for in Adelaide, providing a one of resolution, which requires no maintenance. A 750mm wide strip of mesh is fitted right over the valley from the top to the bottom. At each row of tiles a small flat of mesh is tucked under the next row. This is repeated on each side. A small bead of silicione is used to seal the mesh against the cap tiles at the top of the valley.


Box Gutters

As its name suggests, a box gutter is boxed in on all sides and sits between two roofs. Rainwater is fed into the box gutter and then drained away through the down pipe nozzles within the box gutter. An overflow facility prevents water flooding into the roof cavity, allowing it to overflow externally. The lifespan of a box gutter is dramatically shortened when moist leaves and debris are left to fill it, which is why regular maintenance is necessary. Installing Leafshield will provide adequate protection for your box gutters, without the need for continual maintenance. As box gutters come in a range of different shapes and sizes, me measure every one to provide a custom design that will eliminate the problem.


Inspection Points

In order for roofs to perform as designed, they need periodic inspections and maintenance. Investing in regular roof inspections ensures your roof has a long and effective service life, and keeps your roof in warranty. To ensure roof inspectors still have access to your roof when it is protected with Leafshield, we create accessible inspection points. In order to create emergency access, a small piece of mesh (approximately 100mm x 100mm) is removed at each down pipe. A larger piece of mesh is then screwed over the cavity to make a simple, easy to use inspection point.

If you would like to prevent the need for gutter repairs on your Adelaide home, contact our friendly team at Leafshield now.