Leafshield is the expert in guttering in Adelaide

Does the guttering on your Adelaide home always fill with leaf debris? Overflowing gutters are an issue plaguing many homeowners in the leafy suburbs of Adelaide, however, with Leafshield the problem is easily eradicated. Leafshield is a simple and effective solution that maintains and protects your gutters. Leafshield can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications with either component supply only, or supply and fit. Leafshield works for all roof designs and materials, and can be fitted to valleys and box gutters. Leafshield offers three premium quality mesh types, two polyethylene and one aluminium. The material is constructed to provide strength and flexibility. Fixings and components supplied to match your roof and gutters.


Leafshield keeps everything out of your gutters except rain in Adelaide

The mesh is fit in such a way that it forms a ski slope from the roof surface to the top of the gutter bead. The design allows your Adelaide roof to experience a thorough gutter cleaning, as water is drawn through the mesh into the gutters. The mesh also harnesses gravity and the wind to transport leaves, sticks, barks, gum nuts and balls right off the roof onto the ground. The self-cleaning process is almost maintenance free.


For your peace of mind Leafshield is backed by a 15-year performance warranty. We also provide a 10-year guarantee on top of our gutter guard in Adelaide that you will not suffer from blocked gutters owing to the entry of leaves, sticks, bark, gum nuts and debris. Furthermore, we give you an estimated 20 years of almost maintenance free service.

Allow Leafshield to protect your guttering in Adelaide by calling our friendly staff on 8265 2000 for your free, no obligation measure and quote.