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Gutter Protection and Cleaning Specialists

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Maintenance Free

How often do you think about cleaning the gutters of your home here in Adelaide, and think “..I’m not sure I feel safe getting up on the ladder ?”. No longer is this a problem for you with our revolutionary Leaf Shield guttering system. Our professionals fit the specially designed Leaf Sheild mesh so it forms a ‘ski slope’ from the roof surface to the top of the gutter ‘bead’ or ‘roll’. Because of the slopping effect which this causes, gravity pushes all of the leaves, sticks, gum nuts and debris off the roof and onto the ground, resulting in a self cleaning effect.

Once installed by our friendly team of guttering experts, the Leaf Shield system works for you all year round keeping the debris away, but allowing the clean rain water to pass through your gutters effortlessly. Aside from making gutter cleaning a thing of the past on your ‘to do list’, as a by-product, it also it also extends the life of your gutters. Rather than paying for new guttering in years to come, install Leaf Shield today and prevent the day from ever coming !.

The quality UV stablisied mesh on our gutter guards provides your home with 20 years of almost maintenance free service under the harsh Australian sun. So do yourself a favour and contact our friendly customer care team today to arrange your no obligation free quote, and learn more about what Leaf Shield can do for your home.


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