Why choose Leafshield gutter guard in Adelaide?

Investing in Leafshield gutter guards on your Adelaide home is a great idea for a range of reasons outlined below.


In South Australia the risk of bushfires is unfortunately right on our doorstep. During extreme weather conditions, the threat of fire rapidly increases, putting countless properties and lives at risk. With ember attacks the leading cause of homes burning down during bushfires, it is vital to remove any potential fuel that allows embers to ignite. By installing Leafshield gutter guards on your Adelaide property, you will eradicate the build-up of leaves and debris in your gutters, therefore removing any potential fuel to start a fire. If you live in a high-risk bushfire area, there are specially designed fire retarded, self-extinguishing mesh available.

Bird, Possum & Vermin Proof

Ensuring your home is pest free is extremely important for your family’s safety. Without adequate protection, pesky intruders like possums, rats and birds can enter your roof through the gutters and valley. Once inside, they can spread disease, deposit unsightly droppings and cause damage to your home. Scarily, mice and rats can chew on your electrical wires, causing fire. Even possums wreak havoc, causing disruptions to your sleep with their noisy nocturnal lifestyle, as well as getting involved in territorial fights with your domestic animals. Protect your home from these unwanted intruders by fitting Leafshield gutter guards. They will safeguard your home and keep it pest free.

Self Cleaning

Gutter cleaning in Adelaide is a tricky job that is not for the faint hearted. It can be difficult to navigate your way around gutters, especially if you’re trying to balance on a rickety, old ladder. Rather than risking damage to your roof, not to mention to yourself, choose our Leafshield gutter guard. Our professionals fit the specially designed mesh so it forms a ‘ski slope’ from the roof surface to the top of the gutter ‘bead’ or ‘roll’. Owing to the slopping effect, gravity pushes all of the leaves, sticks, gum nuts and debris off the roof and onto the ground, resulting in a self cleaning effect.

Almost Maintenance Free

Leafshield works hard every day to keep everything but rain out of your gutters. Whilst it strives to eradicate leaves and debris that clog your cutters, it also extends the life of your gutters. Even better is the fact that while it works hard you don’t have to. Leafshield is almost maintenance free, meaning you can get it installed and then completely forget about it. No longer do you have to stress about maintaining your gutters because Leafshield does it for you. The quality UV stablisied mesh on the gutter guard provides you with 20 years of almost maintenance free service under the harsh Australian

Healthy Gutters

With your gutters located on top of your roof out of sight, it is common for them to get neglected. Unfortunately, it’s often only when homeowners bother to take a ladder out and have a look at their gutters that the damage has already been done. From dirt and leaves, to fungus and stagnant water, it usually isn’t a pleasant sight or smell. With the purpose of gutters to guide rainwater and moisture away from the side of your house, when waste builds up in gutters, damage can be caused. Water can seep into the foundations of your home and cause wood rot, and even creating black mould in your walls. Leafshield gutter guards prevent leaves and debris building up in your gutters, ensuring they are healthy and functioning perfectly at all times.


Leafshield is expertly designed to work for all roof designs and materials. It is unobtrusive and comes in a range of colours to suit the aesthetics of your home. The mesh is approximately 2.5mm thick with the hole size approximately 4mm x 2mm. The angles are butted against each other along the gutter bead and tek screws are driven through the angle, the mesh and into the gutter edge. On a tile roof the mesh is brought right over the gutter and the first row of tiles and tucked under the second row of tiles. In terms of a corrugate roof, the mesh is brought over the gutter and fastened to the top of the corrugated iron surface, with special saddle clips that force the mesh to match the corrugated iron profile.


Leafshield is a quality-approved product with a 15-year performance warranty. It provides a simple, effective and well-designed solution to the endless problem of leaves, sticks, gum nuts and debris filling your gutters. Our gutter guards are backed with a 10 year guarantee that you will not experience blocked gutters due to the entry of the above. Furthermore, our Leafshield gutter guards have an estimated service
life of 20 years.


Leafshield gutter guards keep your family safe and protected against a range of risks. No longer do you have to put yourself in danger as you try to clean your gutters on top of a rickety ladder. You are also safe against bird, rat or possum invasions, as they can’t enter through the gutters and valleys. They also provide major reductions to fire hazards. Furthermore, Leafshield gutter guards keep your Adelaide home free of damage caused by overflowing gutters. There is no more flooded eaves and ceilings, internal flooding or overflowing underground drains.

If you are interested in having gutter guards installed on your Adelaide home, call Leafshield today on 1300 752 052 .